Step 1: Connect Us

You can easily get in touch us using any of the communication tools on our website. Let's plan which healthcare service you want to benefit immediately.

Step 2: Treatment Selection

Once our professionals hear your choice and need of treatment, they will work on your personalized medical solution. Medicalhome Turkey aims to provide the best treatment at the most affordable price levels. Our team will guide you through every single step and you will be able to reach us whenever you need.

Step 3: Planning Your Treatment

We take our job very seriously. Your well being is our priority and we aim to find the best available treatment plan. Your medical consultant will be with you at every step and answer any question you or your loved ones may have.

Step 4: Booking Your Medicalhome Turkey Journey

Once you have decided on your medical treatment plan, we will book your medical facility appointment, get in touch with the hospitals or clinics, plan your travel, and book your flight and accommodation according to your needs and treatment plan. Your medical journey to Turkey will be a unique experience, not just because you will get the best treatment at a very reasonable cost but also because there are so many wonderful places to see in Turkey.

Step 5: Welcome To Istanbul

When you come to Istanbul, we will meet you at the airport. Your transportation and travel schedule will be provided before you board from you homeland. In order to make you feel comfortable, we will plan everything together and will accompany you during your stay in Istanbul. Transportation to all your appointments will be arranged. Additional concierge services at the hotel will be optional. A host that speaks your language will be at your service if required. Medicalhome Turkey team will be available 24/7 during and after your stay.

Going Back Home

Once we provide the best medical treatment plan and you enjoy your stay in Istanbul, it is time to say Goodbye! Medicalhome Turkey aims for a lifelong relationship with all its patients. Your physical and psychological wellbeing and satisfaction is what makes us successful. For us, your recovery after your treatment is as important as your initial planning processes. Once your final medical controls and check-ups are completed, our experts will provide an aftercare guidance. We will be available for any questions and queries regarding your aftercare, as long as it takes. We will coordinate your safe flight back home and hope to hear from you!

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Merkezefendi Mah. G58 No 12 Merkezefendi / Zeytinburnu

Istanbul / Turkey

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+90 538 01 07 197 – Turkey

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