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Health Insurance

Every foreigner who requests to obtain a Residence Permit in Turkey is obliged to have a Health Insurance covering the residence duration and complying with the updated law. On the request of our clients we issue the most eligible Private Health Insurance Policies on the market, for one year or two years. Foreigners who wants to visit Turkey should have a Travel Health Insurance covering the travel dates. We provide Travel Health Insurance for our clients complying with their requirements.

Medicines Supply

We supply best quality turkish medicines at reasonable  prices with fast and reliable service. Medicalhome Turkey focuses on several different areas such as anti-cancer / anti-tumor /generic drugs, infectious and cardiovascular diseases,skin care products ,dermatology ,oncology and the others.

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Merkezefendi Mah. G58 No 12 Merkezefendi / Zeytinburnu

Istanbul / Turkey

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+90 538 01 07 197 – Turkey

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